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CITY|SPACE is a cultural organization dedicated to exploring the built environment through events and exhibitions in a wide range of disciplines, including design, visual art, cultural landscape research, and film.

CITY|SPACE cuts across disciplinary boundaries to draw on a wide range of work: aesthetic, documentary, architectural, scientific, and political, that converges around the city as we find it, make it, and struggle with it.

By engaging Bay Area audiences in complex and challenging questions about the cities we inhabit, we hope to deepen our communities' experience, understanding and stewardship of urban places.

Over the next several years, we plan to expand our programming and to create a permanent home for CITY|SPACE. In time, we hope that CITY|SPACE will be:

  • an exhibition space: for a broad range of original work on the city, both expository and artistic;
  • an event venue: for speakers, performances, films, parties, meetings, and conferences;
  • a reading room and resource center, a cafe, garden, and gathering place that embodies urban values;
  • an advocate, bringing a positive urban vision to public discourse on design, development, and urban policy;
  • a publisher of materials emerging from the center's work.

CITY|SPACE is fiscally sponsored by Intersection for the Arts.

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