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In August 2004, CITY|SPACE presented "Urban Legends: The City in Maps," an exhibition of maps in all their forms and meanings. From Jerusalem to Broadacre to Black Rock City, maps have a particularly strong relationship to cities, which are themselves expressions of the human imagination.

Maps depict places -- physical, emotional, anatomical, conceptual -- but often reveal just as much about how places are imagined and represented by cartographers.

CITY|SPACE received more than sixty submissions to Urban Legends from 8 countries, and selected 21 of the most compelling, from video documents to design proposals to imaginary landscapes. Hosted by the Oaklandish Gallery — www.oaklandish.org, Urban Legends drew nearly a thousand visitors to the gallery, opening reception and interdisciplinary panel discussion.

Click HERE to see an article on the show and on CITY|SPACE that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on August 6th, 2004.

Click HERE for a list of participating artists and descriptions of their works.

Click HERE for online work from the exhibition.

Click HERE to view the invitation.

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